Wisdom Through Action

Teaching The Fourth Way  in the Tradition of G. I. Gurdjieff & 
P. D. Ouspensky

Areas of Study in The Fourth Way include understanding the obstacles to our True Self and discovering the real meaning of life.

Real knowledge, objective knowledge is knowledge which comes from higher mind.
Such knowledge shows us how to study man, how to study the universe, 
and also how to study the one in relation to the other.
We study man along with the world in which we live in order to try to comprehend our True Self and the meaning of life.  

We cannot find the answers we are seeking if we study man separate from the universe.  
It is said that in a certain sense, man is analogous to the universe; 
the same laws operate in him and we shall find that it is easier to understand 
some of these laws by studying man, 
while other laws we can discern better by studying the universe.  

When we apply the work ideas of relativity and scale, everything around us becomes much more alive.
Study of the Universe
Study of the Universe
Law of 3, Law of Octaves
Law of 3, Law of Octaves
Law of 3
Law of 3
If a man or woman wants to develop their True Self, knowledge alone is not enough; he or she must also work
to change their being. Only, change of being is so difficult that it would be
almost impossible if knowledge were not there to help.
So knowledge and being must grow side by side, though the one is quite separate from the other.
Neither one alone can give right understanding because
understanding is the resultant of a simultaneous growth of both.

The Fourth Way teaches through the way of understanding.  
One of our aims is to teach the practical application of the Work
 in order to bring a man or woman to the Third State of Consciousness through their own work and efforts. 

This change in Being and Understanding enables a person to learn how 
to make conscious use of the experiences of life, and to find real meaning of life in all that one does.

There are many obstacles which keep us asleep and under the laws of our sleep, 
therefore we begin with that which is closest to us and easiest to verify...
Lines of Work in a Fourth Way School
Lines of Work in a Fourth Way School
To Know Thyself
Know Thyself
Mechanical Life
Sleepers Awake!
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