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Kay Smith Presents Gurdjieff's Law of Accident
Law of Accident
We are surrounded by possibilities of accident; if one does not happen, another does. Control begins on a different level, and it starts with ourselves - control of our reactions, states of consciousness, functions and so on.  Then little by little, we may come to some measure of control in the sense of avoiding one influence and approaching another.  When we develop Real Will, we cease to be under the law of accident.
Kay Smith Presents Gurdjieff's Teaching on Immortality and Man's Place in the Universe
Man's Immortality
In many ways man is analogous to the universe. Because the same laws operate in him,  we can understand many of these laws by studying both man and the universe.  Gurdjieff and Ouspensky';s teachings about these laws reveal much in relation to man’s place in the universe as well as the purpose behind man's existence.
Kay Smith Presents Gurdjieff's Law of Octaves
Law of Octaves
The Law of Seven or Law of Octaves means that no process in the world goes without interruptions. Vibrations in any given octave do not develop regularly, they increase or decrease depending on where they come in the octave. Everything in our life, as well as our physical body is based on this law.  Understanding the Law of Seven or Law of Octaves and knowing when to give the right shock to fill an interval in an octave, opens up many possibilities.
Kay Smith Presents Gurdjieff's Sacred Dances
Gurdjieff's Sacred Dances
Sacred dances and movements have always been one of the vital subjects taught in The Fourth Way. They have a double aim:  to convey a certain kind of knowledge and to be a means for acquiring a harmonious state of being.
Kay Smith Introduces Gurdjieff and His Search for Awakening
G. I. Gurdjieff's Search for Meaning
There is an urgent need at the present time to remember one’s real purpose. Influences from more conscious levels of the universe are continually playing upon the earth but we are too concerned with our personal desires to hear them. The inspiration of Gurdjieff’s teaching lies not in its detailed formulations but in its power to stimulate the development of individual consciousness.
Are You Caught in the Matrix?
Escape from the Matrix
Esoteric Fourth Way Schools have influenced man throughout the ages, endeavoring to stimulate and actually create an artificial cosmos in which man has the possibility of changing his very being and nature, providing an escape from being caught in the Matrix.
Kay Smith Presents Gurdjieff's Table of Hydrogens and 9 Influences Constantly at Play
Table of Hydrogens and Influences on Us

According to this teaching, when man is born, three separate machines are born with him which continue to form until his death. These machines have nothing in common with one another: they are our body, our essence and our personality. Because these bodies were formed independently of one another and have nothing in common with each other, we have to learn how to reestablish what has been lost.  We have to learn to distinguish between body (center or function), essence and personality.  Development means passing from one kind of influence to another kind.  We are quite under the influences of the moon until we become more and more conscious.

Kay Smith Presents Gurdjieff's Law of 3
Law of 3
In ordinary thinking we realize the existence of two forces – action and resistance, positive and negative electricity, and so on. But in our current state of consciousness, we do not see that three forces are always present in every event, in every phenomenon, and that only a conjunction of three forces can produce an event. Two forces cannot produce anything – they will only turn round one another without any result. Every activity in the Universe is subject to appropriate laws. The Law of 3 requires that for any effective manifestation three forces have to combine in an appropriate relationship. Our understanding of life is increased if we begin to recognize the involvement of three forces in every event.
What is an Esoteric Fourth Way School?
Esoteric Fourth Way School
We all have an intuitive feeling from time to time that the physical body is not the whole of ourselves but is merely the outward and visible part of a much larger spiritual entity which is not manifest to the senses. Yet because it is unmanifest, this spiritual part has a somewhat abstract quality. Actually it is quite real, though not fully organized, and we should feel its presence much more than we do. Esoteric Fourth Way Schools teach methods to break down the obstacles that keep us asleep to our higher parts.
How is Your Life Affecting Your Essence?
Obstacles to Living Life Consciously
Learn about some of the lines of work in this Esoteric Fourth Way School which focus on teaching ways to overcome the obstacles which prevent conscious participation in life and the development of our essence.
Are You Being True to Your Essence Type?
Planetary Essence Types
It is said that the sun gives us life, the earth gives us the material and the planets give us form. Nine-tenths of the problems of ordinary psychology and even more of the plots of literature, poetry, drama and legend depend upon the interplay of human types, that is, the interplay of different types of essence as taught through the astrology of the enneagram.
Kay Smith Presents Understanding the Chemistry of the Work of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky
Growth of Knowledge and Being

The Work teaches us that there are many obstacles to awakening in our life, however they are not insurmountable.  Gurdjieff said people are dropped into the sea of life to see whether they swim or drown. Using the practical approach of verification and understanding through growth of knowledge and Being, we can learn to swim through our lives.

Kay Smith Presents Gurdjieff's Food Factory, Part 1
Food Factory
Nature brings us to a certain point in our development and then leaves us to develop further through our own will and effort.  For this development to occur, we must increase the production of higher matters and in order to do that we must understand and know how to do it, not only theoretically but in actual fact, because it needs a long time to learn how to use this knowledge and to make the right efforts. This is where understanding the Food Factory becomes an integral part of our study.
Kay Smith Presents Gurdjieff's Food Factory, Part 2
Food Factory and Transformation, Part 2
As was discussed in the Food Factory, Part 1, we saw that man is seen as a half developed being, that nature brings him to a certain point and leaves him to develop further through his own will and effort. We are each a chemical factory, the substances we ingest, the food we eat, the air we breathe and the impressions we take in cause chemical processes to take place in the body, and if we add certain intentional efforts on our own, the distillation and refinement of these substances will be taken to a whole new level and bring one to awakening and the development of a permanent principle of consciousness, a soul.
Tarot Secrets Revealed
Understanding the Tarot
There are many methods for developing the sense of symbols in those who are striving to understand the hidden forces of nature and man, and for teaching the fundamental principles as well as the elements of the esoteric language. One of the oldest and perhaps most interesting of these methods used in Esoteric Schools is the Tarot.
Kay Smith Presents the Esoteric Systems of YOGA of Antiquity
Traditional Types of Yoga
Esoteric study of man in Ancient India was on a level quite inconceivable to us. This can only be explained by the fact that the philosophical schools existing at that time were directly connected with esoteric schools. Man was considered as an incomplete entity, and as containing in himself a multitude of latent powers.  These powers were seen as dormant and yet could be awakened and developed by means of a certain mode of life, by certain exercises, by certain work upon oneself. An acquaintance with the ideas of Yoga enabled man first to know himself better, to understand his latent capacities and inclinations, and to find out and determine the direction in which they ought to be developed. Secondly, they enabled man to awaken his latent capacities and learn how to use them in all paths of life. And in fact, there was not just one kind of Yoga, but actually 5 Yogas, each one suited for a different type of man.
Gurdjieff's Allegory of the Horse, Carriage and Driver, Part 1
Gurdjieff's Allegory of the Horse Carriage and Driver
Horse, Carriage & Driver, Part 1

In this allegory the carriage represents the body, the horse one’s feelings and desires, the driver the mind, while the master (the passenger) represents I, consciousness and will.  Work on oneself must begin with the driver. In order to be able to hear the master’s voice, the driver, first of all, must not be asleep, that is he must wake up and learn the language that enables communication and connection with each part. 

Gurdjieff's Allegory of the Horse, Carriage and Driver, Part 2
Horse, Carriage & Driver, Part 2
Gurdjieff's Allegory of the Horse, Carriage and Driver continues in the 2nd half of the video.
Finding True Happiness
Finding True Happiness
Happiness and Harmony
Happiness may be seen as harmony between external circumstances  and our inner life.  The task is finding how to establish this harmony and live a worthwhile life.
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The Formatory Apparatus
Formatory Apparatus
Mechanical Part of the Intellect
Called by Gurdjieff the Formatory Apparatus, this part of our intellect sees the world only in dualities, extremes, and with a compulsion to look for the opposite. We often believe we are thinking, when in fact we are stuck in the Formatory Apparatus, the most mechanical part of our intellectual function. Please select the image or the link below to watch the video, it takes a few seconds to upload!
The Fourth Dimension
The Fourth Dimension
The Fourth Dimension
Imagine a consciousness that is not bound by the condition of sensuous receptivity. Such a consciousness can rise above the plane upon which we are moving, it can see far beyond the limits of the circle enlightened by our usual consciousness, and it can see that not only does the line upon which we are moving exist, but also all lines perpendicular to it which we are intersecting, which we have ever intersected and which we shall intersect. After rising above the plane, this consciousness can see the plane, can convince itself that it is really a plane, and not a single line. Then it can see the past and the future, lying together and existing simultaneously. Please select the link below to watch the video!
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